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What is ASAP?

Our new ASAP (Awakening the Subconscious of the Alzheimer’s Patient) program is a holistic approach to caring for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. This proven memory care program is used for every interaction between the caregiver and the patient from the moment they rise until they fall asleep.

The ASAP program concentrates on these five areas of memory care resident’s health:

  • Spiritual Needs

    Maintains a sense of self and personal identity while being respected, valued, and appreciated as a person.

  • Societal Needs

    Ensures that the resident is not isolated for extended periods of time and is engaged in community wide events and activities. Connections are promoted and encouraged.

  • Physical Health

    Focuses on nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Caregivers are cognizant of the subtle changes in condition followed by a professional assessment to rule out acute illness.

  • Emotional Health

    Places a magnified focus on the region of the brain that remains intact until nearly the end of the disease; our emotional center. Caregivers learn how emotions transfer to the residents and ensure that those emotions are kept at a positive level every day.

  • Habilitative Care

    Activities of daily living are performed to encourage the resident’s current capabilities and to maintain that level of functionality for as long as possible.